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How to use the gifted generator
Gifted generator on Etsy

About Our Tools

To use the [Gifted] Generator and Flair Linkerizer tools, you'll need to add them as bookmarks. The process to bookmark the tools may be different from browser to browser, but in most cases you can just click on and drag the tools individually to your bookmarks folder. See our visual guides linked above for handy demonstrations.

These tools are in no way mandatory to use. If you're someone who likes to get fancy with your images, by all means, keep doing your thing. We're mostly trying to prevent issues like cell-phone pictures of monitors, screenshots with too much personal information, or images that don't include all of the requirements (giftee, retailer, and order number). And, of course, we want to make your life easier.

The gift tag generator was last updated April 21, 2018. If you have a prior version you will need to update your bookmarks.

If you notice anything not working, please modmail us.

[Gifted] Generator

Auto-generate gift tags quick and easy by bookmarking the [Gifted] Generator! The generator currently works with Amazon (including international versions of the site), Etsy, and Target.

After you complete an Amazon order, click the "review or edit your order" link (or "order details" for an order from the "Your Orders" page) and then press the button for the bookmark. It will prompt you for the username of the person you gifted, ask what color gift tag you'd like to use, and then take you to the /r/Wishlist link submission page. For Etsy, click on the "view receipt" link in your order history to access a specific order page before using the bookmark. For Target, click the "view order details" link after completing an order, or click on the "view order" link in your order history for a specific order.

If you have a multi-item order, it will only grab the first 3 items listed in Amazon, and only the first item listed in Etsy and Target. It's been confirmed to work in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari on desktop computers. We hope to add support for additional items, other retailers, and mobile devices in the future.

Flair Linkerizer

Want to quickly convert everyone's flair on a reddit page to clickable links to their profile? Bookmark the Flair Linkerizer tool. It works on any page within the /r/Wishlist subreddit.

Note: If you’re looking for a little more automation, /u/noeatnosleep has created a handy script to automatically linkify profiles.